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When I first met Peter Vigil in person, I had already been following him quite obsessively on social media, so it was as if I’d had known his work for quite some time already. Peter is that rare embodiment of unpretentious, yet yielding a stoic maturity like a sword among some of his more raucous contemporaries. Once I met him, he became almost an instant inspiration. Here was a guy who had it all figured out, as cliche as that sounds, bear with me. Here was a dignified, mature, selling artist who wasn’t trying to sell himself in the pandemonium that was Art Basel, or trying to flaunt his success. Peter was in the corner of the room, quietly observing the guests of whatever show it was that we were attending. Socializing here and there with a select few individuals that took the time to say hi, and just enjoying the art and the people around him. His style is as intense as his personality is easy-going. Abstract in a sense, but almost what I’d call detail oriented abstract. In the realm of Peter Vigil’s paintings, echoes of Picasso flaunt with strokes of DeKoonig, while rich, thick, vibrant brush strokes evoke a Gerhard Richter-esque interplay. Ok, I admit, all the aforementioned artists top my list of favorite

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