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masters of their craft, but it’s as appropriate as it is grandiose. Peter Vigil is undoubtedly one of my favorite modern artists, and an equally great guy. I had the privelege of sitting down with Peter and talking with him about his Inspirations, his Aspirations, and his process. What became of that is transcribed here in this rare interview with one of Miami’s fantastic artistic minds, by way of Cuba and Spain. Without further adieu; Ladies and Gentlemen…

Meet Peter Vigil

Articentric: Thank you for taking the time to meet with us Peter. If you would, talk a little bit about how you came to realize your talent, and how you decided to make it your profession.

Peter Vigil: Thank you. My first brush with art (no pun intended) was when I was nominated as the “Artist of the Month” in fourth grade for an abstract drawing that I completed in art class. I never followed up with any other artistic attempts until 2006 after experiencing the death of a loved one. In an attempt to alleviate the grief that I was experiencing, a friend of mine who knew how much I enjoyed art bought me an acrylic starter kit with some canvases. I found the activity to

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