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PV: Both Cuba and Spain had repressive regimes during the time that I lived in both countries. Needless to say, Cuba still has a repressive regime in place. Both countries repressed artistic as well as intellectual expressions. However, South Florida is an extension of these countries and their cultures before the existence of the repressive regimes. I believe this has allowed me to retain, even at a subconscious level, my love for vivid colors, a love and passion for life, as well as an appreciation for the arts. These elements shaped and influenced, even if later in my life, the use of rich colors and the subjects of my paintings. In addition, my creative influences have expanded through the study of Cuban artists such as Wilfredo Lam and Carlos Alfonzo. These artists among many others have influenced the themes and configuration of my pieces and use of colors to accent the themes.

Garden of Eden Atlantis; Mixed-Media on Canvas, 10’x5’; 2013

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