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AIC: You have quite a diverse portfolio. Our favorite painting in your online gallery is probably “waiting for the sun metropolis”, it’s a very powerful piece. You get a fantastic appreciation for the people, and the scale of the buildings crowding out their view, yet we’re forced to see what they might not, the intensity of the sun through the hues of red all around them. Fascinating. Can you talk about your use of the color red, and how it appears in almost your entire collection.

PV: This is also one of my favorite paintings. The piece does have a measure of intensity as you indicated. I love to use bold and vibrant colors, specifically hues of red, to provide the subject(s) of my paintings a physical sense of existence and to underscore the passion or fury inherent in the expression of intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics, as well as the expression emotional experiences. I feel the hues of red increase the depth and impact of the experiences depicted in my paintings.

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