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AIC: What is the most exciting thing to you about painting?

PV: It is the different interpretations and emotions that my works evoke from the general public, as well as from fellow artists. It is always a growing and fulfilling experience for me to hear such constructive criticism and apply these observations in the creation of future pieces. In addition, I find it rewarding to finish a piece that I am happy with and relinquishing it for others to view and interpret.

AIC: Tell us a bit about your process? How do you visualize a piece? Is it all about putting paint to canvas and letting it develop? Do you have an idea of the finished product in your mind before you start?

PV: For the most part, I lay the canvas on the floor to start the process and develop the concept as I go. I love to randomly place lines on a canvas, take a step back once the whole canvas has been covered with the random lines, and then discern the patterns and the images that I see within those lines. I have followed this process to create small paintings and mural size paintings (10 feet by 5 feet). It is both a learning and creative process that allows ones inner

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