Agent Provocateur-Choisir

Acrylic on Canvas


My paintings confront everyday or provocative, social and cultural themes that promote divergent perspectives and transcend collective principles. These themes encompass power, structure, excesses, sexuality, formality, sadness, and anger as they relate to the interrelationship of individuals and their environment.

I use bold and vibrant colors, specifically hues of red, to provide the subject(s) of my paintings a physical sense of existence and to underscore the passion or fury inherent in intrapersonal and interpersonal, as well as emotional experiences. I create the physical sense of existence to increase the depth and impact of the experiences depicted. In addition, in a large body of my work I use black lines or swatches to conceptualize the conflicting and often subdued perspectives held by individuals, which are at odds with conventional societal and cultural views. In a few of my pieces, I have depicted musical subjects using mixed-media techniques; however, the use of color continues to play a role in illustrating the emotions and sometimes frustrations felt by the central figure(s) of the painting.

While my artwork is created using acrylic on canvas or mixed-media techniques and may appear divergent, it is bound through a series of recurring societal and cultural issues that focus on individuals and their environment.

Artist Statement